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Le Clos des Sources history

A bit of history

In Thannenkirch, four generations of the same family founded the hotel “Le Clos des Sources”.
At the end of the 19th century, Barbe and Joseph Schaeffer built a guest house, in Thannenkirch, called “Mon Repos” where people came to rest and enjoy the famous fresh air of this little Alsatian village.

Later, they built a hotel at the outskirts of the village, called the “Villa Rouge”.
This hotel was renamed “La Sapinière” and still exists.One century later, the daughter of the founders, Marie, decided to carry on the family business with her husband, Ernest Erbland.
Together they built a new hotel which opened in 1929. This hotel which will become later the present “Le Clos des Sources” was named the “Nouvel Hôtel des Tourists”.

During World War II, the Germans occupied the village and setup their quarters in the hotel. They renamed the hotel “Schauinsland” which means look at the plain.
At the liberation of France, Marie and Ernest renamed the hotel “Le Touring Hôtel”.

The couple had two daughters, Anne-Lise and Marie-Thérèse. In 1941, Anne-Lise and her husband Achille created a restaurant in Colmar, a few kilometres away from Thannenkirch. They named it “Le Champ de Mars” and worked there until 1963 when they created a new restaurant called “Unterlinden” also in Colmar. Anne-Lise worked in this restaurant till the age of 83!

They had three sons, among whom was Antoine, the current director and owner of “Le Clos des Soruces”. Starting from the 60’s, the “Touring Hôtel” entered a slowest phase in its business to finally close during 15 years. In 1980, Antoine bought the hotel with his wife Nicole and renovated the entire building. Until today, they never stopped investing and renovating in order to consistently enhance the hotel.

One of the main projects was the creation of an indoor swimming pool and a 1000m² SPA.

From the past to the present day

Since 4 generations, we pay a particular attention to welcome our guests.

The hotel recently underwent transformation in the guest rooms to enhance the quality of our facilities. We embrace excellence and consistently strive for the highest standards.

During Winter 2011/2012, we undertook renovations in 10 guest rooms to create larger and brighter guest rooms.
The hotel capacity went from 44 to 33 guest rooms.

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