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Ecological Spa hôtel in Alsace

Our commitment

The members of the Stoeckel family wish to share their love of nature and Alsace with their guests.
We are very sensitive to the environment protection. The Spa hotel Le Clos des Sources is a member of the “Hôtels au Naturel”.
This association strives to reduce the tourism impact on the environment.

We consistenly strive to enhance our environmentally friendly policy by applying on a daily basis an efficient water resources management (Using flow reducers on taps and toilets, using rainwater for flowers watering), electrical energy management (Using low consumption light bulbs, A biomass heating plant using wood chips) and waste management (recycling, compost, Organic and Food waste collection for a local Natural Gas Processing Plant) and by favoring local food suppliers.

The hotel’s surrounding are built in order to respect the native fauna and flora.
We are a member of the “Ligue Protectrice des Oiseaux” (Bird Protection Association).

Our hotel name pay tribute to the many natural water sources of the Taennchel which provide the village with pure drinkable water.